The Cameras That Shot Sundance 2023 Documentaries

Here’re the charts and segmentations of the cameras that shot the Sundance 2023’s documentary films. It proves once again that documentary filmmakers use different tools as compared to their narrative colleagues. Not surprisingly, Canon leads the way as the most trusted camera company among documentary filmmakers. Gladly, we see here Blackmagic, Sony mirrorless, and even iPhone. Furthermore, high-end cinema cameras are located at the bottom of the chart.

FUJINON HZK25-1000mm F2.8-5.0 PL Mount Box Lens

Fujifilm has announced the FUJINON HZK25-1000mm F2.8-5.0 PL Mount Box Lens. This lens which will be available in 2023 was designed to offer users the highest combination of magnification and telephoto reach for large cinema sensors.

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