First-time Filmmaker Chooses Canon’s Cinema EOS C300 for ‘Home’

Writer/director Jono Oliver recently relied on two Canon EOS C300 PL digital cinema cameras and a CN-E30-300mm cine zoom lens to shoot Home – an independent film about a mentally troubled young man seeking his independence.

The ambitious, tightly-budgeted indie feature was shot cinéma vérité style on the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan in just 20 days by director of photography Sung Rae Cho, “Sho.”

Oliver and producer Daniela Barbosa knew that choosing the right camera would be a crucial decision. The camera would have to be lightweight for maximum mobility, unobtrusive for location shooting, low-light capable for dimly lit interiors, and able to deliver exceptional image quality for theatrical distribution. Familiar with the latest digital cinematography cameras, Oliver and Barbosa were especially interested in the EOS C300.

“In order to make sure that the EOS C300 was right for Home, Sho shot tests with it, including shadows and interiors,” Oliver recalled. “We projected the tests on a 20 ft. screen and they looked fantastic.”

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