Sony Lays Out Roadmap for F3 Upgrades, Lenses

Sony has announced new features and products for F3 shooters, offering two new zoom lenses plus a series of firmware updates that enable high-end functionality, including S-LOG and RGB 4:4:4 output, a new S-LOG shooting mode that protects highlights by shifting the gamma, more flexibility among the HD-SDI outputs, and a link cable for stereo-3D synchronization. The company was reluctant to set a date for all of the new features, but everything that’s been announced is slated for availability no later than January 2012. Read on for more details, or scroll all the way to the bottom for cheat-sheet access to the various updates, options and prices.

The two new lenses include the SCL-P11X15, a T3.0 1.5x wide-angle PL-mount lens with focal lengths from 11 to 16mm, and the SCL-Z18X140, a T3.9-T6.8 14x FZ-mount lens with a focal range from 18 to 252mm.

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