Camera Order App

Camera Order is an app made for Cinematographers, Videographers, Camera Assistants, Directors, Producers & anyone that works with Cameras.

This app is an extremely thorough motion picture camera reference tool.

It contains a complete inventory of almost every lens used in movie and TV production. Along with every lens is the maximum aperture, close focus and front diameter.

You will now have a reference tool to know if you need to order different matte box backs for the wide or telephoto lenses in a given lens series or if the aperture on the Optimo 24-290mm is constant through the focal lengths(it is).

Contains cameras and details on every working production camera. From Go Pro’s to SI2K’s to Arri SR2’s to Panavision Platinum to Red to Arri Alexa. Every Camera. And if it’s not in here and you work with it on a regular basis we’ll find the details and add it.

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